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    Discover the latest in fine Khmer dining at Chili Pepper
    Siem Reap.

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    Latest Khmer Fine Dining
    Discover the latest in fine Khmer dining at Chili Pepper, the new restaurant located on the rooftop terrace of the La Noria Hotel (now called Kafu Resort & spa). This establishment is the result of a long-term friendship between local food lovers, chef Dorn Doeurt (DD) and co-owner Sophal Khiev. Both of them were top students of the first graduating class of the Paul Dubrule Hospitality School of Siem Reap and both were trained in the best hotels and restaurants of the area. Since finishing their studies, the two friends have dreamed of opening a new restaurant for top Khmer cuisine, and this is how Chili Pepper came into being.


    Chili Pepper is open all day, seven days a week, until 10 p.m. The staff members are all local hires, and the culinary team is overseen by both DD and experienced chef Rathana. Everything is crisp, clean and professionally managed
    Chili Pepper restaurant is located on the left bank of the river, just 50 yards upstream from the National 6 road and main Siem Reap bridge.

    Call for reservations at 063 766 494 or you can as well contact us at Or else just drop by on the spur of the moment and enjoy an excellent meal in a relaxing and picturesque place.

    Come and visit the lovely traditional-architecture building with its high-tiled ceilings, flowered first-floor dining room, and open-air premises. From the restaurant there is a lovely view overlooking the gardens of the hotel and the green-banked Siem Reap River.

    Chili Pepper Siem Reap

    T: 063 766 494



    Chili Pepper Siem Reap

    T: 063 766 494